Tennessee Bird Records Committee

TBRC Membership

The TBRC consists of six regular voting members and an alternate appointed by the TOS President.  The Committee members select a Secretary to chair the committee.  Committee terms are for three years.  A person may serve no more than two consecutive terms as a regular member but may return for additional terms after an absence from the committee or term as alternate lasting no less than one year.

Current TBRC Members

  • Kevin Calhoon, Secretary
  • Mark Greene
  • Michael C. Todd
  • Don Miller
  • Bill Pulliam
  • Jan Shaw
  • Phillip Casteel, Alternate

Membership History

  • Dianne Bean
  • Kevin Calhoon
  • Phillip Casteel
  • Don Davidson
  • Jay Degrosellier
  • Dean Edwards
  • Robert Ford
  • Gilbert Foster
  • Katherine Goodpasture
  • Mark Greene
  • John Henderson
  • Paul Hertzel
  • Audrey Hoff
  • Richard Knight
  • Dollyann Myers
  • Don Miller
  • Nell Moore
  • Charles Nicholson
  • Linda Northrup
  • George Payne
  • Rob Peeples
  • David Pitts
  • Dick Preston
  • Jan Shaw
  • Chris Sloan
  • Pat Stallings
  • Stephen Stedman
  • James Tanner
  • Michael Todd
  • Martha Waldron
  • Terry Witt
  • David Vogt

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