About the Tennessee Ornithological Society

The Tennessee Ornithological Society is an independent, non-profit, educational and scientific organization devoted to the study and conservation of birds. Our members encourage the study of bird life, to record such findings and to spread our interest among others. The TOS Constitution was last amended April 30, 2011.

The TOS was founded October 7, 1915 when six professional men, all amateur ornithologists, met at Faucon's French Restaurant in Nashville. A historical marker commemorates the founding.

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The first chapter was established at Nashville with Knoxville following in 1923. In June 1930, TOS launched The Migrant as its quarterly publication, thus establishing a source of communication between birders in Tennessee and with persons of similiar interests in areas outside the state and in others countries.

Our organization is a federation of ten chapters which hold
regular meeting and field trips.

Statewide meetings of the society are held in early May and October or November. The meetings are scheduled in various parts of the state, so that members may become aquainted with the habitat and rich bird life of Tennessee as well as to have an occasional meeting near home.

TOS members have been active as a society with regular events since the beginning. Our annual efforts include the Summer Foray which is held in June, the annual autumn hawk counts, spring and fall bird counts, winter raptor surveys, and the annual Christmas counts.

Our quarterly journal of ornithology, The Migrant, was first published in June 1930 to "record and encourage the study of birds in Tennessee." It is on file in many libraries, museums, and educational institutions throughout the world. It includes not only full-length articles about study projects and findings, but also regular features. Some of the features include notes detailing unusual bird sightings, seasonal reports, count results, and book reviews. The Tennessee Warbler is a semi-annual newsletter with information about spring and fall meetings, chapter news, and announcements of special projects. Local chapters also publish newsletters with details of local meetings, field trips, and bird sightings.

Each year our members take part in numerous projects. TOS members recently carried out the Tennessee Breeding Bird Atlas Project, in which they systematically surveyed breeding birds across Tennessee. That effort established a record of the distribution and relative abundance of the breeding bird species in Tennessee and is now available as The Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Tennessee.

We cooperate with other organizations in various projects, including The Audubon Christmas Bird Count, the National Wildlife Federation Mid-Winter Eagle Survey, hawk migration monitoring in conjunction with the Hawk Migration Association of North America, and shorebird monitoring in association with Manomet Bird Observatory. Individual members also conduct annual roadside counts as part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Breeding Bird Survey; band birds under the North American bird banding program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; conduct point counts for the Partners in Flight avian monitoring project and establish and monitor Bluebird Trails and Purple Martin Colonies.

Our membership includes hundreds of people engaged in all aspects of bird study at all levels - from back yard birders to professional biologists. TOS has an "esprit de corps" which encompasses all ages. We have never endeavored to become a large organization, but we do seek members who by reason of their love of birds and nature, or through their scientific inclinations, can be expected to sustain these interests through TOS.

To become a member of the Tennessee Ornithological Society and receive the quarterly journal, The Migrant, and the three-times a year newsletter The Tennessee Warbler, please contact a chapter in your area for affiliation or join as an At Large member. State membership rates are as follows:
Individual $ 18
Family      $ 22
Sustaining Member $ 30
U.S. Library or Institution $ 25
Non-U.S. Library or Institution $ 35
Life Member $ 450

If you wish to join as an At Large member, send a check for the desired membership level to:
Tennessee Ornithological Society
Attn.: N. P. McWhirter
274 Beech Grove Rd.
McMinnville, TN 37110

Inquiries about membership may be directed to:
Treasurer Mac McWhirter at treasurer@tnbirds.org.

Questions about manuscripts for The Migrant may be directed to:
Bob Ford, editorthemigrant@gmail.com.

Send subscriptions & address changes for The Migrant to:
Tennessee Ornithological Society
Attn: N. P. McWhirter
274 Beech Grove Rd.
McMinnville, TN 37110

Request Back Issues of The Migrant from:
Assistant Curator Ron Hoff. See contact information below.

Address any other questions to President Steve Routledge. Please mention that you saw this on the Tennessee Ornithological Society's Website.

Officers for 2013-2015
President: Steve Routledge, email: eyerout@bellsouth.net

Vice Presidents:
East Tenn. -
Rack Cross, email: rack.cross@gmail.com
Middle Tenn. - Danny Shelton, 705 Countrywood Dr. Franklin, TN 37064; email: dashell@comcast.net
West Tenn. - Martha Waldron, email: martha.waldron@gmail.com

East Tenn. - Susan Hubley; email: shubley@msn.com
Middle Tenn. - Daniel Moss, 1028 Ironworkers Road, Clarksville, TN 37043; email: dmoss5@earthlink.net

West Tenn. - Allen Trently; email: AllanTrently@tn.gov

Curator: Charles (Chuck) P. Nicholson, P.O. Box 402, Norris, TN 37828-0402, (865) 405-7948; email: cpnicholson53@gmail.com

Assistant Curator: Ron Hoff, 282 Hackworth Lane, Clinton, TN 37716; (865) 435-4547; email: aves7000@bellsouth.net

Secretary: Cyndi Routledge, 1515 N. Willow Bend Ct. Clarksville, TN 37043; (931) 206-3517; email: routledges@bellsouth.net

Treasurer: N. P. McWhirter, 274 Beech Grove Rd., McMinnville, TN 37110; (931) 815-2368; email: treasurer@tnbirds.org

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