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The Migrant (ISSN 0026-3575) is the quarterly journal of the TOS. It was first published in 1930 and is mailed to all TOS members. The Migrant contains articles describing results of research on Tennessee birds, results of organized bird counts, unusual occurences and early and late arrival dates.

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Tennessee Ornithological Society
1760 Rayburn Walling Road
Rock Island, TN. 38581

Back Issues

To order back issues of The Migrant, contact Ron Hoff, 282 Hackworth Ln, Clinton, TN 37716 E-mail:

Most articles published in The Migrant are available here in PDF format .

An archived collection of Volumes 1-75 (1930-2004) is also available for purchase on CD-ROM. Click here for more information on this collection.

Editorial Staff

Editor: Bob Ford,

Assistant Editor for West Tennessee: Dick Preston, 261 Sassafras Circle, Munford, TN 38058-6857;

Assistant Editor for Middle Tennessee: Tony Lance, 3831 Sandy Springs Rd., Springfield, TN 37172;

State Count Compiler: Ron Hoff, 282 Hackworth Ln, Clinton, TN 37716 E-mail:

Season Editor: Richard (Rick) L. Knight, 804 N. Hills Dr., Johnson City, TN 37604, (423) 282-5297, E-mail:

Season Report Regional Compilers:
Western Coastal Plain Region: Dick Preston 216 Sassafras Circle, Munford, TN 38058-6857. Phone: (901) 837-3360 Email:

Highland Rim and Basin Region: Stephen Zipperer, E-mail:

Cumberland Plateau/Ridge and Valley Region: Richard (Rick) L. Knight, 804 N. Hills Dr., Johnson City, TN 37604, (423) 282-5297, E-mail:

Eastern Mountain Region: Richard P. Lewis, 407 V. I. Ranch Road, Bristol, TN 37620, (423) 878-2505. E-mail:

Instructions to Authors

The Migrant records observations and studies of birds in Tennessee and adjacent areas. Most articles are written by members of the Tennessee Ornithological Society.

Submissions: The original and two copies of the manuscript should be sent to both Editors at the addresses listed above. Manuscripts that have been published in other journals should not be submitted. Electronic copies of the final, revised manuscript are greatly appreciated.

Material: The subject matter should relate to some phase of Tennessee ornithology. It should be original, factual, concise, and scientifically accurate.

Style: Both articles and short notes are solicited; recent issues of The Migrant should be used as a guide in the preparation of manuscripts. Where more detail is needed, reference should be made to the CBE Style Manual; this book is available at many public libraries and from the Council of Biology Editors, Inc., 111 East Wacker Dr., Suite 3200, Chicago, IL 60601-4298.

Copy: Manuscripts should be typed double spaced on 8.5 x 11'' paper with adequate margins for editorial notations. Tables should be prepared on separate sheets with appropriate title and column headings. Photographs intended for reproduction should be black and white and sharp with good contrast on glossy white paper. Distances should be in metric units. Dates should be in ``continental'' form (e.g., 16 March 1995). Use the 24-hour clock (e.g., 0500 or 1900).

Nomenclature: The scientific name of a species should be given after the first use of the full common name in the text. The scientific name should be underlined and in parentheses. Names should follow the A.O.U. Check-list of North American Birds (seventh edition, 1998, and supplements).

Title: The title should be concise, specific, and descriptive.

Abstract: Manuscripts of five or more typed pages should include an abstract. The abstract should be less than 5% of the length of the manuscript. It should include a brief explanation of why the research was done, the major results, and why the results are important.

Literature cited: List all literature citations in a Literature Cited section at the end of the text. Text citations should include the author and year. Please consult recent editions of The Migrant for appropriate format.

Identification: Manuscripts including reports of rare or unusual species or of species at atypical times should be submitted to the TOS Bird Records Committee. Verifying evidence should include: date, time, light and weather conditions, exact location, habitat, optical equipment, distance, behavior of bird, comparison with other similar species, characteristic markings, experience of observer, other observers verifying the identification, and reference works consulted.

Reprints: Reprints are available to authors on wirtten request to the editor prior to printing of the issue. Billing to authors will be through the TOS Treasurer.

Season reports: Observations that are to be considered for publication in The Season section should be mailed to the appropriate Regional Compiler. The Regional Compilers are listed above.

Notice to Researchers: Several references in recent issues include dates later than the cover dates. The journal has at times been behind schedule and it has been necessary to use material which, in some cases, was submitted and accepted later in the year.



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