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Dick Preston is our leader for the Memphis TOS chapter’s second trip to the famous Ensley Bottoms, aka the “Pits.” Check out recent andpast eBird sightings at this hotspot here: .

Meet at 7:30 am on Saturday, September 25 at the T.E. Maxson Wastewater Treatment Plant office parking lot, 2685 Plant Rd., Memphis 38109.

The Ensley complex consists of Ensley sewage ponds (aka the “Pits”), TVA Lakes, and Riverport Road ponds. The “Pits” consist of an array of sewage sludge drying ponds–some dry and some flooded depending on rainfall and treatment. Shallow water/mudflat habitat attractive to shorebirds is abundant and large numbers of shorebirds frequent the area from March through October with smaller numbers of birds through winter. Weedy and overgrown fields and road sides support breeding Dickcissels and Northern Bobwhite and wintering White-crowned Sparrows. The young forest stands and tree lines provide perches for Red-tailed Hawks, Loggerhead Shrikes, and Eastern Kingbirds.

Caution: The disagreeable odors from the sludge drying ponds can be overwhelming at times. After rain, dirt roads are extremely slippery and caution must be taken. Never take risks while driving in and birding this area.

Contact Dick Preston for more information at or 901-837-3360.