Current TOS Publications

The Migrant (ISSN 0026-3575) is the quarterly journal of the TOS. It was first published in 1930 and is mailed to all TOS members. The Migrant contains articles describing results of research on Tennessee birds, results of organized bird counts, unusual occurrences and early and late arrival dates. The Tennessee Warbler is published three times a year and is mailed to all TOS members. It contains announcements of statewide TOS meetings and field trips, local chapter news, and other items of general interest. The “Discover Birds Activity Book” is a 36-page activity book designed to introduce birds, their habitat, their adaptations and amazing migration journeys to children through games and activities.

The Tennessee

The Tennessee

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Discover Bird
Activity Book

Other Literature on Tennessee Birds

The following is a list of recent and historical books on the birds of Tennessee.

Current Literature

Historical Literature