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Join us for our monthly meeting on June 20th at 7 pm in the Visitor’s Center at Radnor Lake State Park…west parking lot off Otter Creek Rd.

Our program will be:

Bird Guy of the USS Indianapolis – by Earl Henry

NTOS Member Earl Henry will present a slide program
about his father, Dr. Earl Henry (1911-1945), a dentist
and noted TOS member who died in the sinking of the
USS Indianapolis in 1945. Dr. Henry was a member of
the Knoxville Chapter and also served as the president of
the Memphis Chapter while a student in dental
school. Dr. Henry had many talents but is best known for
his colorful paintings of birds during the last three years
of his life. Attendees will get to choose from among sev-
eral free bird prints, both small and large, that Earl, Jr.
will bring to the meeting.

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