Conservation Research and Funding Committee

Guidelines for TOS Conservation and Research Grants

The Tennessee Ornithological Society (TOS) invites applications for Conservation and Research Grants to support projects that will directly or indirectly help to protect the birds of Tennessee, increase scientific knowledge, or educate others about the importance of Tennessee’s birds. A total of $15,000 is available to be awarded for the grants, which may be divided among multiple recipients.

Anyone with a bird-related project, including students, professionals, and individual workers, may compete for a grant. The project may already be in progress at the time of application. Applicants should submit a project proposal using the form below.

Michael Collins

TOS Conservation and Research Funding Committee Chair

Required information includes

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • E-mail Address
  • Topic
  • Problem to be Addressed
  • Objectives
  • Expected results and significance
  • Project location 
  • Beginning and ending dates
  • Estimated field time
  • Estimated total cost of project
  • Itemized budget
  • Funds available from other sources
  • How grant is to be used
  • Experience of applicant in the project area
  • Willingness of applicant to share results at a statewide TOS meeting, and whether the work is under the guidance of a mentor or is independent.

A letter of recommendation from a mentor or a knowledgeable associate is strongly encouraged. Up to $50 of a grant may be applied toward the costs of attending an appropriate scientific meeting to present results of the project.

Criteria for Judging Applications

Sandhill Cranes at Sunset by Cynthia Routledge
  • Significance of problem addressed

  • Clarity of proposal

  • Adequacy of project design

  • Adequacy of experience/training

  • Adequacy of professional guidance

  • Financial need

  • Chance for achieving objectives

  • Potential benefit to the species/resource

  • Potential for advancing career/studies

  • Potential for sharing results at a future statewide TOS meeting

How to Apply

The application and letter of recommendation should be emailed (preferably) or mailed to Michael Collins, Department of Biology, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN 38112;; (901) 843-3557. The deadline for receipt of applications is February 1. Applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decisions in early March. A check for 60 percent (60%) of the amount awarded will be mailed to the grantee(s) upon approval of award(s). The balance of each award will be paid after the project leader submits a satisfactory progress report with itemized costs and receipts to the Committee Chair, Michael Collins. All grant awards will be announced in The Tennessee Warbler.


Michael Collins

TOS Conservation and Research Funding Committee Chair

The panels were partially funded by a generous grant from the TOS Educational Committee.
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