The Migrant, Vol 9 Issue 1 (March 1938)

Journal: Tennessee Ornithological Society/The Migrant
Volume: 9
Issue: 1
Year: 1938


Notes on Birds of the Great Smoky Mts. Nat’l Park . 1
Frank Bellrose
Bluebird “Better Housing” Project . 4
E. D. Schreiber
Annual Christmas Census (from 11 localities. 1937) . 6
T.O.S. Members
Bird Banding Brevities – No. 12 . 10
Amelia R. Laskey
A Day With a Loon. 11
Benj. R. Warriner
The Round Table: The season at Memphis; Notes from members of the Clarksville Chapter; Notes from Nashville; The season at Knoxville; Winter Notes from Corinth; Annual mid-winter bird censuses of the Montgomery Bell Project; Bird census at Covington, – at Pulaski, – at Johnson City; A female fights her reflection; Blue Goose in Hawkins County; Red-headed Woodpecker catching wasps; The Starling as a mimic; Birds unaffected by noise; National Wildlife Week; Meeting dates . 12