Two bills of critical interest have been introduced in the US House of Representatives…

First – The Federal Safe Building Act of 2023 (HR 3781) was introduced in June months prior to the mass killing of migratory birds in Chicago.  This Act would permanently reduce bird deaths for a minimal cost.  The only member of the Tennessee delegation to sign on is Representative Steve Cohen.  Please write, email or call YOUR US House Representative and ask them to sign-on to the Bill.

Second – The Migratory Birds of The America’s Conservation Enhancement Act of 2023 (HR 4389).  This Act would fund and extend the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act for 5 years. NO member of the Tennessee delegation has yet signed to co-sponsor this Bill

All details about both can be found at: The American Bird Conservancy –

PLEASE ACT TODAY…it’ll only take a few minutes but could potentially save thousands of birds.

Thank you.