907, 2021

Some good news…

The Growing Climate Solutions Act (GCSA) was passed by the Senate on 6/24/2021. The bill creates a new program to self-certify technical assistance providers and third-party verifiers for the agriculture and forestry sectors for voluntary actions that are intended to reduce the amount of air and carbon pollution and for processes to naturally store carbon. The legislation seeks to address barriers to entry for landowners trying to access voluntary carbon markets, and encourages practices guided by science, while also refining protocols that account for additionality, permanence, and potential leakage.  To read more click on the link below…

1806, 2021


ACTION ALERT... Neonicotinoid pesticides, or “neonics,” pose serious threats to birds and insect pollinators. Studies have shown worrisome impacts, from reducing birds' ability to migrate to diminishing overall bird diversity in areas where neonics are used. PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE AND click on the link to make your voice heard...Speak Up Against Bird-Killing Pesticides ( 

3005, 2021


The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) has been one of our nation's most effective bird conservation laws for over 100 years.  Last year, however, a new federal rule severely weakened the MBTA, ending enforcement of a provision that holds industry accountable for bird deaths. Recently a new act has been proposed by some members of Congress to restore and expand the protections provided by the MBTA. The Migratory Bird Protection Act would regulate incidental bird mortalities by requiring mitigation fees for unavoidable impacts, and encouraging the use of best practices to reduce bird mortality. Please click on this action link [...]

305, 2021

Please review this Grants procedure proposal…

Please review the following proposal and send comments to Pam Lasley ( and Dick Preston ( Proposal for Change in Procedure  TOS receives requests for a variety of funding, including research projects, conservation projects, and contributions for land purchases.  The Conservation and Research Funding Committee has subcommittees that split evaluation of these requests between education-type projects and other conservation projects.  The committee currently does not have a specific mandate to evaluate land purchase requests.  This has fallen on the Executive Committee for the past two years to make these land purchase funding decisions. We propose that we merge the evaluation [...]

1204, 2021

Meeting dates and times set for the Annual Spring TOS ZOOM Event…

The Annual Spring TOS Board of Directors and General Meeting will take place over two nights via Zoom as follows: The Board of Directors (BOD) meeting will be held on Monday, May 3rd at 6:00 CDT. The General Meeting will be held the following evening Tuesday, May 4th at 6:00 CDT. The Zoom link for BOTH meetings is: For additional information or to get an item on the Agenda please contact either TOS President Michael Collins - or TOS Secretary, Cyndi Routledge - We encourage you to attend!

1501, 2021

TOS 2021 President

Dr. Michael Collins began his tenure as TOS President on January 1, 2021, as a one-time exception to the normal installation of officers, due to extenuating circumstances of the pandemic with a vote of the Board of Directors October Zoom meeting.  We thank Danny Gaddy for leading TOS these last 18 month and welcome Michael.   All other officers and committee chairs will be installed at the regular annual meeting in the spring.


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