The Committee requests documentation for all species on the following Review List and any species not currently on the list or listed as ‘Extirpated’ or ‘Extinct’.  In general, reports of Regular species are considered valid records without documentation.  However, some of these Regular species only occur in very specific or local habitat, and should be documented when seen away from their normal range.  Occasionally other species classified Regular occur unexpectedly (for example, out of season) and the Committee may request documentation of details.  The Committee requests documentation of breeding for any species not previously known to have bred in Tennesse. Instructions on submitting documentation are available here.

As a special note, the recent reports of Trumpeter Swan and Whooping Crane inTennessee represent birds from as-yet un-established reintroduction efforts in northern states.  The TBRC encourages everyone to continue documenting such sightings and reporting them to the regional editors of the seasonal reports in The Migrant; however, the TBRC will not act on these reports unless these populations should become established and self-sustaining.

o     Black-bellied Whistling-Duck

o     Fulvous Whistling-Duck

o     Brant

o     Barnacle Goose

o     Cackling Goose, document outside West Tennessee and subspecies other than “Richardson’s”

o     Eurasian Wigeon

o     Mottled Duck

o     Cinnamon Teal

o     Garganey

o     King Eider

o     Harlequin Duck

o     Barrow’s Goldeneye

o     Masked Duck

o     Pacific Loon, document away from Kentucky Lake

o     Yellow-billed Loon

o     Western Grebe

o     Clark ’s Grebe

o     Greater Shearwater

o     Band-rumped Storm-Petrel

o     Northern Gannet

o     Brown Pelican

o     Neotropic Cormorant

o     Magnificent Frigatebird

o     Great Blue Heron, document “Great White” Heron

o     Tricolored Heron, document away from Mississippi River

o     Reddish Egret

o     White-faced Ibis

o     Roseate Spoonbill

o     Swallow-tailed Kite

o     White-tailed Kite

o     Mississippi Kite, document outside West Tennessee

o     Northern Goshawk

o     Swainson’s Hawk

o     Gyrfalcon

o     Prairie Falcon

o     Yellow Rail

o     Black Rail

o     Clapper Rail

o     Purple Gallinule

o     Limpkin

o     Snowy Plover

o     Wilson ’s Plover

o     Piping Plover, document away from Mississippi River

o     Black-necked Stilt, document away from Mississippi River

o     Long-billed Curlew

o     Hudsonian Godwit

o     Red-necked Stint

o     Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

o     Purple Sandpiper

o     Curlew Sandpiper

o     Ruff, document away from Mississippi River

o     Little Gull

o     Black-headed Gull

o     California Gull

o     Thayer’s Gull

o     Iceland Gull

o     Lesser Black-backed Gull, document outside West Tennessee

o     Glaucous Gull

o     Sabine’s Gull

o     Black-legged Kittiwake

o     Ivory Gull

o     Sooty Tern

o     Gull-billed Tern

o     Arctic Tern

o     Royal Tern

o     Black Skimmer

o     South Polar Skua

o     Pomarine Jaeger

o     Parasitic Jaeger

o     Long-tailed Jaeger

o     Band-tailed Pigeon

o     White-winged Dove

o     Inca Dove

o     Common Ground-Dove

o     Groove-billed Ani

o     Snowy Owl

o     Northern Saw-whet Owl, document outside East Tennessee

o     Ruby-throated Hummingbird, document in winter

o     Black-chinned Hummingbird

o     Anna’s Hummingbird

o     Calliope Hummingbird

o     Broad-tailed Hummingbird

o     Rufous Hummingbird, document carefully to rule out similar species

o     Allen’s Hummingbird

o     Say’s Phoebe

o     Vermillion Flycatcher

o     Ash-throated Flycatcher

o     Variegated Flycatcher

o     Northern Shrike

o     Bell ’s Vireo

o     Fish Crow, document outside West Tennessee

o     Common Raven, document outside East Tennessee

o     Violet-green Swallow

o     Black-capped Chickadee, document away from highest elevations of eastern mountains

o     Brown-headed Nuthatch, document away from local breeding areas

o     Rock Wren

o     Bewick’s Wren, document outside Rutherford and Wilson Counties

o     Townsend’s Solitaire

o     Hermit Thrush, document breeding

o     Varied Thrush

o     Sage Thrasher

o     Sprague’s Pipit

o     Magnolia Warbler, document breeding

o     Yellow-rumped Warbler, document breeding and “Audubon’s” Warbler

o     Black-throated Gray Warbler

o     Townsend’s Warbler

o     Kirtland’s Warbler

o     MacGillivray’s Warbler

o     Western Tanager

o     Green-tailed Towhee

o     Spotted Towhee

o     Bachman’s Sparrow, document outside Hardin, Montgomery , and WayneCounties

o     Clay-colored Sparrow

o     Black-throated Sparrow

o     Lark Bunting

o     Harris’s Sparrow

o     Golden-crowned Sparrow

o     Dark-eyed Junco, document forms other than “Slate-colored” Junco

o     McCown’s Longspur

o     Smith’s Longspur

o     Black-headed Grosbeak

o     Lazuli Bunting

o     Painted Bunting, document outside Shelby County

o     Western Meadowlark, document outside West Tennessee

o     Yellow-headed Blackbird

o     Shiny Cowbird

o     Bullock’s Oriole

o     Pine Grosbeak

o     Red Crossbill, document away from eastern mountains

o     White-winged Crossbill

o     Common Redpoll

There are published reports of the following species from Tennessee but documentation has not been submitted to the TBRC.  The committee would like to make a special request for documentation of these reports.

o     Bridled Tern

o     Long-billed Murrelet

o     Cave Swallow

o     Great-tailed Grackle